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Welcome to the Differential Privacy Wiki

This is a wiki for information about differential privacy. Currently contributions are restricted to registered users. You may also wish to join the Differentially Private Mailing List.

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Style Guide

"Differential Privacy" is capitalized when referring to:

  • The *invention* called Differential Privacy, invented by by Dwork, McSherry, Nissim and Smith in 2006.

The phrase "differential privacy" is *not* capitalized when:

  • The word "differential" is being used to modify the word "privacy."
  • The technology described in the 2005 patent, "Differential data privacy."

Tutorials and recent talks

  • "Differential Privacy in the Wild: A Tutorial on Current Practices and Open Challenges," Ashwin Machanavajjhala, SIGMOD 2017 part1 part2
  • "Challenges of Differential Privacy in Practice," Dan Kifer, Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy (TPDP) 2017. slides
  • "Differential Privacy: From Theory to Deployment," Adhradeep Guha Thakurta, 26th Usenix Security Symposium (Security 2017). video
  • "Differential Privacy: A Primer for a Non-technical Audience", Kobbi Nissim, Thomas Steinke, Alexandra Wood, Micah Altman, Aaron Bembenek, Mark Bun, Marco Gaboardi, David R. O’Brien, and Salil Vadhan, Harvard Privacy Tools Project, February 14, 2018

Past Conferences


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Resources and References

New Users

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